Venetian Hotel

Venetian Hotel is designed with a chilled water system. The system installed has (1) “York Air Cooled Chiller with the capacity of 52 tons of cooling, plus (137) 1.5-ton chilled water fan coil units. All units are controlled by a standalone thermostat. All the air distribution system consist of sheet metal duct work with 2” R-6 duct wrap insulation. All outside air duct work tie-into each fan coil unit is also sheet metal duct work coming from O/A vents located on roof. All piping was installed using grooved fittings Grinnell, along with sch 40 black steel piping, and 2” thick foam glass piping insulation. Each apartment has its own bathroom exhaust fan venting to a wall cap. All work was inspected and approved by the City of Miami Beach Building Department.