Chase Bank Miami Beach

JP Morgan Chase Bank is designed with a DX constant air volume system. The system installed has (2) Roof Top Units “Carrier” totaling 20.5 tons of cooling, (1) 3-ton Dx split system, and (1) 1-ton ductless mini split. Each unit is controlled by a standalone 7-day programmable thermostats along with 3 temperature sensors, humidity sensor, and a CO2 sensor to control carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity in the building. All controls are owner provided by TSC Basys. All the air distribution system consist of sheet metal duct work with 2” R-6 duct wrap insulation. All diffusers are 24X24 lay-in Krueger. All ventilation is being controlled by (4) ceiling mounted exhaust fans along with bare sheet metal duct work all tied to a plenum going to a gravity vent located at the roof for ventilation. All work was inspected and approved by the City of Miami Beach Building Department.