Helzberg Diamonds Store #356

Helzberg Diamonds is a jewelry retail store located in Pembroke Lakes Mall. This store is designed with a system 8.5 Ton Roof Top Unit “York” with an enthalpy economizer and barometric relief damper. The unit is controlled by (1) space temp sensors, and a 7-day programmable thermostats tied onto an Energy Management System that controls the A/C system as well as the lighting of the store. The air distribution system consist of sheet metal duct work wrapped with 2” R-6 duct wrap insulation, along with supply air 24X24 lay-in diffusers, and 24X24 perforated lay-in return air grilles by Titus. The restrooms have (1) 75 cfm inline exhaust fan, along with duct work venting air to the roof. All work was performed per the latest Miami Dade Building Code and was inspected and approved by City of Pembroke Pines.