Omega Design District

Omega a 2 story luxury retail building, with a closed loop water source heat pump system. The system installed has (3) WSHP “Trane” units with 2 units with hot gas re-heat capability to control humidity. The CWS&R piping was installed with black steel pipe, along with all fittings. All hydronic specialties; pressure gauges, thermometers, 2 way control valve, and circuit setter are B&G brand U.L rated. Each unit is controlled by (1) space button temp sensors, along with a duct mounted humidity sensors and a 7-day programmable Honeywell Thermostats. All the air distribution system consist of sheet metal duct work, along with Titus 1 slots 1” linear diffusers, controlled with cable dampers at the plenum box to provide a quiet and well balanced air distribution. Each WSHP unit has a control damper at the outside air duct entering the return air duct work to control the specified cfm of outside air entering each unit being fed from malls outside air. All restrooms are exhausting air to the malls ventilation system. All work was inspected and approved by the City of Miami Building Department.